GDI Website – Review Of A GDI Website

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GDI Website

GDI Website – Review Of A GDI Website

GDI Website.  What are the benefits and drawbacks to a GDI website?  There are a lot of domain and hosting companies out there, so why Global Domains International?

And why the .ws extension?  I rarely if ever see that!  Does it make sense to join GDI if nobody is using them right now?

I feel like you already know the importance of having your own domain, one that you control, and the ability to control and build your own website with no restrictions.  So we’ll skip that bit.  Oh, except you also need to have the ability to create email addresses with your domain as the extension. or something like that.

So, why a GDI website?  Let’s answer the second question first, it’s shorter.  Why the .ws extension?  Especially since you don’t see them much right now?  Well, they are increasing.  Just like 800 numbers of old, popular extensions are becoming rare.

.WS Makes A Lot Of Sense

Since the .ws extension has not completely caught on, the field is wide open.  You can get extremely popular names right now.  Anything you want.  And you know what?  If not people, companies know this.  And they know this is prime real estate like the .com’s before.

And .WS can stand for .WebSite or .WorldSite.  It sounds good.  And, really, that does matter.

So, it makes sense for a few reasons.  Not to mention that if you’re interested in making money with GDI, now is the only time to get involved.  It might take a few more years, but one day people will wish they had gotten in early.

So, Why A GDI Website?

The above aside, a GDI website comes with everything you need to build… well, anything you want!  You can build a WordPress blog with the touch of a button.  You can also build a forum, a photo gallery, a drupal website… you can use their website builder to build a custom one.  The GDI website builder has gotten SO much better of the years.  I love it.  You can even have someone build it for you and just upload it.

And it all costs $10 a month.  But that’s not all.  Not even close.  It comes with email addresses, tons of space, great support, pre-made banners and buttons, free subdomains and domain forwarding and… a great deal of stuff.

And yes, you might be able to save $2 a month getting those elsewhere, but here is where a GDI website seals the deal for most.  The income opportunity is automatic if you are a customer.

A GDI Website Is Not All Good

Although I am a loyal customer and a loyal member, I can openly admit that Global Domains International does not have the absolute best hosting on the planet.  Honestly, I’ve had accounts with several hosting companies and a couple had neat gadgets that GDI just doesn’t have.

Then again, GDI has a lot of stuff they don’t have.  So, it’s a two way street but I don’t want you to get the impression that I’m saying it’s your only choice.

What Do You Think?  Want A GDI Website?

I say, go for it.  Of course I would, I’m a member!  Seriously, I do love Global Domains International.  And it’s not just the extra income.  I would be a customer even without it.  Heck, I HAVE been!

If you want to join GDI it’s easy.  They have a 7 day free trial so, feel free to check them out.  Click Here to Join GDI.

I hope you enjoyed the info and…

Thanks for reading!


Vincent Parker
P.S. Click Here to work with me directly.


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