Blog About Making Money? That Might Be A Mistake

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Blog About Making Money

Blog About Making Money

Blog about making money? That might be a mistake unless you really know what you’re doing. There are other options.

By no means am I an expert.  And honestly, I’m advising you to do the exact opposite of what I’m doing.  How do you like that?

Well, stick around and I’ll explain why it’s a bad idea to blog about making money.  In the end, though, do what makes sense to you.

A Blog About Making Money

Let’s do a little keyword research.  Just a bit.  I hope you know how and why to do this.  It’s important.  If you want to rank in any search engine.

Of course, if your goal is not to be found by search engines, then by all means blog about whatever you like.  However, if you want people to be able to type in a search and see your site in the results, you need keywords and keyword research.

So, let’s see how many hits we get from “making money”.  Remember, when doing research you want to include the quotes.  Why?  OK, let’s save the search results for just a moment.  This is important.

Keyword Research – Use Quotes

The first thing most people say is, I don’t use quotes when I search for things.  So, I shouldn’t use them when doing research.

Here’s the catch, though.  The search engine will bring up sites with the words you used in your search, but they can be in any order and can even be stretched across the site.

You want to know how much competition you have for a specific exact keyword.  If the sites showing up in your search are not ACTUALLY targeting that exact keyword, then when YOU focus on it YOU will be at the top.  See?

It’s important to use quotes.  That shows you your ACTUAL competition.  And then you can research the first few sites.  Open Site Explorer works really well if you want to know their rank and how many backlinks they have and where they are from.

And by using quotes during your keyword research, you can decide on whether or not to make a blog about making money or whatever else.

Speaking Of A Blog About Making Money

So, we were going to research “making money”.  How many sites do you think uses that exact keyword phrase?  Oh, just a little over 7.1 MILLION sites.  7,190,000 is what I just returned.  And looking at the first few PAGES… yeah, you have some competition there.

“Blog about making money” is not too bad, actually.  It only returned about 427,000 results.  But you see?  It’s not always a good idea to blog about making money.  Find something you can live with.  Something that you want people to be able to find you by that doesn’t have too much competition.

Mr. Google Is Your Friend

I really, really hate to admit it.  But I do love Google.  Because when you type in a search term, Mr. Google shows you what else people search for that’s related to what you typed in.  Say what?  Oh yes, watch the magic.

So, I typed in making money with no quotes, and below where I was typing Google gave me more ideas.  Making money online, making money from home, on youtube,  fast, on ebay… One of the options was even making money blogging.

So you see, a blog about making money might not be such a good idea.  But, with the help of a little creativity and your friendly cyber-hood Mr. Google you can find something to dominate.

It’s Not ALL About The Numbers

Honestly, we’re all good at something.  In my humble opinion, you should write about what you love.  Because then it will flow.  It will be easier to read.  Easier to connect with.  And that connection will make it easier to become GDI team members, with you.

Even then, do your keyword research and dominate.

Good luck!

And thanks for reading.



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